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City of DeSoto, KS

Raw Water Supply Main Condition Assessment

Client Contact

Mike Brungardt, PE
City Administrator

P.O. Box C, De Soto, KS 66018

[email protected]

Personnel / Responsibilities

Mark Wade, PE / Asset Manager

Project Date / Schedule


Internal inspection and assessment of the City’s extensive raw water supply system that crosses under the Kansas River and transfers water 5.5 miles south to the treatment facilities. The project included a pre-assessment of this 65-year-old pipeline comprised of DIP/CIP/RCP. Based on this pre-assessment it was determined that the entire infrastructure (more than 58,000ft of 16″ main) required hydraulic cleaning, using a combination of jetting and pigging, prior to its inspection due to significant internal build-up. Once fully pre-cleaned the pipeline was placed back into service and then inspected robotically, under live-flow conditions, using the company’s remote assessment technology. Results of the inspection (HDCCTV, acoustic, and sonde) were evaluated along with spot external inspections of the pipeline upstream and downstream of the actual river crossing. The firm’s WaterCAM® model was then used to estimate RUL and LOF of the entire pipeline. Results showed no significant deterioration or other structural anomalies to the pipeline. The final recommendations allowed the City to reset the remaining service life of the river crossing to 20 years. The pipeline will be recleaned and inspected on a 5-year PMP cycle.

Inspection Technology: HDCCTV, acoustic leak detection, pressure monitoring, hydraulic jetting

Inspection Preparation: Jetting, pigging, hot tap (4), point repair (2)

Litigation History: None