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City of Aurora, CO

Sanitary Interceptor Sewer Condition Assessment and Asset Management Program (2016-2017)


City of Aurora, CO

Prime Contact

Daniel Rice, PE
Project Manager

Providence Infrastructure Consultants
4901 East Dry Creek Rd, Ste 210
Centennial, CO 80122

Office: 303.997.5035
Mobile: 720.318.5410
[email protected]

BlueWater Personnel / Responsibilities

Mark Wade, PE / Asset Manager

The project implemented a program for the City to determine an appropriate condition assessment program that included the evaluation of the following alternatives: (a) All Assets Program (full baseline), b) Condition Driven Program, (c) Capacity Driven Program or d) Risk-Based Program. Because the All Assets Program alternative would require an aggressive schedule that could overtax both financial and personnel resources, the City of Aurora elected to progressive and phased approach utilizing strategic inspection and risk-based assessments based on high-level condition information and areas where capacity concerns existed. The team worked with the City to determine which factors were included in the risked-based approach. These factors included capacity, maintenance history, location, criticality/consequence, and preliminary condition observations. Our team developed general parameters for each of these assessment levels including (a) program budget, (b) inspection methods and identification of responsible party to lead future inspections (internal City staff vs. external contracting), (c) schedule and budget, (d) data collection, interpretation, and integration for the City’s long-term CIP, CMMS, and Asset Management software applications and e) Sample/Example Program Reports.

Software Platform: CMMS, ArcGIS