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Condition Assessment Services

Condition Assessment Services

Field services are the lifeblood of the water and wastewater industries. Without them, we would have no way of knowing the exact condition of our infrastructure. They are crucial to understanding where and how to fix problems that arise within the pipelines. BlueWater Solutions Group fully agrees with this philosophy and strives to have the best field services available. With speed, accuracy, and efficiency we can assess your system to figure out the best solution for your specific needs. View our list of field services below and contact us today to find out more about how BlueWater can help you solve your buried infrastructure problems.

Featured Services

Smoke Testing

BlueWater conducts sanitary sewer smoke testing in order to detect defective and improper connections by blowing non-toxic and odorless smoke into the sewer

Smoke Testing

BlueWater Solutions Group field work

Additional Field Services

Leak Detection

Multi-Sensor Inspection

Pipeline Cleaning & Pigging

Flow Monitoring

Dyed-Water Testing

Transient Monitoring

I/I (public/private)

Resident Engineering


Rainfall Monitoring

Valve/Hydrant Inspection

Sonar & Laser Inspection

HDCCTV Inspection (water)

HDCCTV Inspection (sewer)

Manhole Inspection

DUC Manhole Inspection

GPS Surveys