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City of Belton, MO

Wastewater Capital Improvement Plan (2005-2016)

Client Contact

Mr. Jeff Fisher*

Director of Public Works Unified Government of Wyandotte County

701 N 7th Street
Kansas City, KS 660101

913. 573.5415

*Former Director of Public Works at Belton, MO (2009-2016)

Personnel / Responsibilities

James Fisher, PE / Capital Improvement Program Manager

The City of Belton has a population of approximately 25,000 and has operated with an annual wastewater budget of approximately $1.5 million from 2010-2015. The owners of BlueWater, specifically Mark Wade and James Fisher, have worked with the City of Belton since 2005 when Wade & Associates, Inc. completed the cityu2019s first Wastewater Master Plan. More recently (2009-2016), James Fisher (BlueWater) has managed the city’s wastewater projects in accordance with their Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), while at his former employer.

As part of Belton’s CIP, James Fisher was tasked with managing all aspects of budgeted projects from 2009-2016. Projects completed under James’ oversight include:

Inflow/Infiltration (I&I)


Hydraulic Modeling

Sewer Maintenance

Master Planning

To date, James’ rehabilitation recommendations have successfully reduced public sector I&I by over 20% in 5 sewer basins and eliminated overflows at two locations due. Under James’ supervision, repairs to private I&I sources have also been completed in 1 sewer basin but post-rehabilitation flow monitoring has yet to be completed to confirm the additional reduction percentages. However, Wastewater Treatment Plant personnel have confirmed a significant reduction in I&I at the plant. Significant public/private I&I work is still anticipated in this area (basin 11) as 325, or 82%, of all lateral connections were identified as defective. Basin 11 has the highest flow response, 22:1 peak, during a 5yr storm indicating significant I&I remains in this basin.

Innovative Solutions

In 2009, several basement backups were reported in the area of Cleveland and Park Avenues. City officials wanted an innovative solution for determining if the backups were due to excessive flow, restrictions in the City main or due to issues within the private lateral. James Fisher proposed installing a custom built surcharge indicator, as pictured. The surcharge indicator was a success. Follow-up investigations confirmed roots in the mainline were restricting flow during rainfall events and causing flow to back up into basements.