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City of Clive, IA

Wastewater Asset Management

Client Contact

Jeff May, PE
Public Work Director

City of Clive
2123 NW 111th St
Clive, IA 50325

Prime Contact

Derick A. Anderson, PE
Vice President of Water Environment

McClure Engineering Company
1360 NW 121st St
Clive, IA 50325

Office: 515.964.1229
Mobile: 515.570.3995

BlueWater Personnel / Responsibilities

James Fisher, PE / Asset Manager

McClure Engineering Company (MEC) and Bluewater Solutions Group Inc. teamed together on this project to develop a comprehensive asset management program for Clive’s sewer infrastructure. At the time, Clive was not experiencing capacity issues or significant pipe failures. However, the City wanted to take a proactive approach and identify potential at-risk segments. By developing an asset management plan which assigned risk and remaining useful life to all asset the City was able to budget and spend planning dollars to get the greatest return on investment.

The scope of this project included:

  • Review of City’s Sanitary Sewer System Records
  • Review of City’s GIS Model + Database
  • Develop a Static Hydraulic Model
  • Develop a Long-Term Hydraulic Strategy
  • Perform Life Cycle Cost and Cost-Effective Analysis
  • Review Current Maintenance Practice (BlueWater)
  • Develop an Asset Management Program (BlueWater)

Results indicated that Clive’s sanitary system is in relatively good shape with only a small percentage of the system needing work outside of routine monitoring. Risk and RUL scores where in line with what the City had anticipated as Clive’s system is relatively new when compared to the rest of the Des Moines, IA metro. Most pipes are PVC connected to concrete manholes sealed with mastic.