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Southgate Water & Sanitation Districts

Southgate Water & Sanitation Districts

Water and Wastewater Systems Master Plans

Client Contact

Christina Baca, PE
Engineering Manager

Southgate Water District
3722 E Orchard Rd
Centennial, CO 80121


Personnel / Responsibilities

Mark Wade, PE / Project Manager

Mr. Wade has been working with the Southgate Water & Sanitation Distractions since 1998 when Mark’s previous firm, Wade & Associates, was retained by the District’s consultant to complete an initial flow monitoring and hydraulic modeling program. The study was part of a Sewer Master Plan that included recommendations for improvements and rehabilitation to the sanitary system. At that time, the southern section within the SWSD was experiencing rapid development. In response to the rapid growth, the District established project goals to analyze collection system capacity for future growth and recommend a plan for eliminating excessive inflow and infiltration (I/I) in the system. Additional flow monitoring was performed by Wade & Associates and provided modeling updates to the 1998 Master Plan in 2001 to include new development to the region. In 2003, Wade & Associates was again retained by the SWSD to conduct supplemental flow monitoring and sanitary sewer investigations for an I/I Evaluation and Master Plan Update throughout the District. As part of the 2003 I/I Study and Hydraulic Model Update, Wade & Associates implemented a 60-day flow monitoring program that included installation and data collection for eight flow monitors and seven electronic rain gauges followed by flow data analysis. Wade’s field services for the study included smoke testing of approximately 315,000 linear feet of sanitary sewers and nearly 100 manhole inspections and visual pipe inspections previously recommended in the 1998 Master Plan. Wade developed an updated hydraulic network and hydraulic model, performed future growth analysis and made recommendations for further rehabilitation to the collection system.

In 2016, the District’s Water & Wastewater Master Plans were in need of updating and once again Mr. Wade was competitively selected to develop comprehensive master plans of both the water and wastewater enterprise system that is owned and operated by the SWSD. Master planning efforts included updates to the Districts’ water and wastewater systems for existing and future build-out (including re-development), hydraulic modeling, field inspection and assessments of high-priority sewer and water assets, review of more than 3,500 CCTV inspection records, wastewater flow monitoring, internal inspections of selected water assets, and the development of a risk-based asset matrix of each system to determine (a) high-risk assets based on likelihood and consequence scoring, (b) remaining service life (RUL), (c) prioritization of rehabilitation and replacement needs, (d) prioritization of capacity improvements, (e) strategic I/I reduction program, and (f) preventative maintenance program, and (g) short-term and longterm 20-year CIP.

Overview of Water System & Field Assessment

  • Total system inventory: 236 miles
  • Primarily ACP, DIP, and PVC, System size range: 6″ – 36″
  • Initial assessment: 4.5 miles (ACP and DIP)
  • Method for field testing: Acoustic, Non-invasive technology (ePulse™)

Overview of Sewer System Field Assessment

  • Total system inventory: 1,272,000 feet
  • Primarily PVC and VCP, System size range: 8″ – 42″
  • Review of historical CCTV inspection records for 2008–2015 (932,400 feet)